Penticton Health Industry

healthcare PentictonPenticton, British Columbia is located at the southern tip of Okanagan Lake in the Okanagan Valley. This dry, warm city is home to just under 50,000 people and a great deal of agriculture. The age range in Penticton is diverse but its mindset is younger and more alternative. Unlike its neighbors to the north, Kelowna and Vernon, Penticton is less of a retirement area and more of a hipster population than anything, so its healthcare services differ somewhat from that of Vernon and Kelowna.

Penticton Regional Hospital serves the residents of Penticton with a sizable facility for medical practices and procedures. This reputable hospital offers the public a health option for emergencies and inpatient medical care. The private practices in Penticton are also highly regarded, and offer the public an array of seasoned medical professionals who specialize in a variety of fields. Residents have access to medical, dental and specialized areas of medical care. Penticton also has full service labs that are largely independent; very few specimens need to be sent out of town for processing.

The mentality of Penticton towards medical care is somewhat relaxed. The population is younger than in other Okanagan cities, as well as more liberal. For example, the public and the police in Penticton are far more tolerant of marijuana than in Kelowna or Vernon. The population is more independent about their healthcare and rely more on basic good health practices than they do on the medical industry. This is a primary reason for the marijuana use. Penticton residents are more likely to self medicate with mild herbs or recreational substances than they are to be diligent about their doctor’s orders. Penticton has a diverse population with a vibrant youth culture that is keen on health awareness but likes to be as independent as possible when it comes to personal healthcare.

Vernon Health Industry

health industry VernonVernon is a city that is situated at the top of Lake Okanagan in the northern part of British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. The sunny summers and mild winters of the Okanagan Valley bring a number of retirees into the Vernon area to live and vacation. A medical community that is equipped to accommodate the largely retired population of Vernon is abundant in the area. Vernon offers its residents a reputable hospital, well run private practices, specialists and lab services.

The Vernon Jubilee Hospital offers all the basic services of a hospital as well as a specialty in certain areas of surgery. The hospital in Vernon has a reputation for its efficiency and attentive service. The private practices in Vernon are also highly desirable, offering services ranging from general medicine to oral care to specialized medicine. Vernon labs and test processing are fully equipped for a range of healthcare needs.

The culture in Vernon is one comprised largely of seniors. Vernon is very accommodating to retirement age residents. The collective culture toward medical care in Vernon is one of reverence and obedience. With Vernon’s population largely made up of retirement age individuals, their mindset when it comes to matters of health is one of great respect. The average resident of Vernon has regular doctors appointments and follows their doctor’s instructions closely. This age group generally struggles with more health issues than younger ages and needs to be more diligent about tending to their personal health care matters.

Vernon’s medical scene is a reputable one. With a specialty in senior health care, Vernon’s hospital, private practices, specialists and labs are known for their excellent provision for seniors and all other residents. Despite its aging population, Vernon medical establishments are well equipped for every age bracket and can accommodate families, young adults and children as well.

Healthcare in the Okanagan

Okanagan healthcareThe Okanagan Valley of British Columbia is well known for its wine tourism and its population of retirees. The valley, situated in the southernmost interior of British Columbia, is considered desirable real estate and prime retirement location. It goes without saying that any location that fits this description will also be a community with access to excellent healthcare. The Okanagan Valley is equipped with some of the best medical facilities and staff in British Columbia, and even in Canada. With the Okanagan Valley’s population ever expanding, its medical community will no doubt continue to expand and become stronger also.

Kelowna is in the heart of the Okanagan Valley. With the largest population and the most amenities of anywhere in the Okanagan, Kelowna is the powerhouse of the valley, both economically and geographically speaking. Its medical community is known throughout the province as one of the best, and brings in people from all over Western Canada. Kelowna General Hospital has a reputation for being one of the best in Western Canada, with a huge diversity of talented medical staff and very well run operations. The rest of Kelowna’s medical community, including its private practices, specialty areas of medicine and lab services are also of high repute.

Penticton is south of Kelowna and also boasts a thriving community. Smaller than Kelowna but with just as much tourism appeal, Penticton is a slightly smaller, less wealthy and more liberal version of Kelowna. Penticton Regional Hospital is one of the larger hospitals in the Okanagan with a number of specialists and experienced medical professionals on staff. Penticton is also home to a wide range of walk in clinics, private practices, specialty practices and lab services.

And lastly, Vernon is a city located north of Kelowna that has a thriving retirement and medical community as well. Vernon Jubilee Hospital is known for its specialty surgeons and core medical provision. Vernon’s clinics and specialty areas of medicine are a great benefit to the city, particularly to its senior citizens who make up a great deal of the population.

Kelowna Health Industry

health industry KelownaKelowna, British Columbia is situated in the Okanagan Valley, which is the very northern part of the Sonoran Desert. The Okanagan Valley is home to a number of old money families and wealthy retirees, with Kelowna being the unofficial capitol of the Okanagan and the seat of the valley’s wealth. For this reason, Kelowna’s health industry is also generously funded and top of the line. Kelowna’s medical facilities are some of the best in the nation. Vancouver residents commute to Kelowna for some of its medical specialties and hospital services. That is how well respected the medical industry of Kelowna is.

Kelowna General Hospital in particular is a very reputable medical facility. Many of the doctors at KGH have multiple specialties and many years of experience. They are some of the best in the nation. KGH is a research hospital and a student hospital that takes interns from the university and the college for all positions. They train under the high level medical staff and gain valuable experience. KGH is also known for being tightly run and having very firm protocols.

The private practices and lab services in Kelowna are also highly reputable. There is something of a shortage of private practices in Kelowna as many residents do not even have a family physician or dentist, and most private practices are beyond capacity. However, the medical staff at these facilities are still very desirable and skilled at what they do. Kelowna boasts a highly capable private medical industry of physicians, surgeons, dentists and more. It should be noted that privatized mental health care in Kelowna is also highly esteemed. Those struggling with addictions and mental disorders can find support through a Kelowna alcohol treatment program, drug detox center or private counselor.

Kelowna also offers its share of world class medical specialists. In British Columbia, the highest volume of medical industry specialists is found between Vancouver and Kelowna. The two cities are only a short commute away from one another, and it is very common for residents to commute between the two cities to see a medical specialist. It is quite impressive that Kelowna, a city of only a few thousand people, has medical facilities and specialists that rival that of one of Canada’s biggest cities.